Playing with shadow


Body Movies/ Rafael Lozano- Hemmer

When we were talking about silhouette and shadow, I thought without screen will be more interesting, because the shadow size and darkness will vary depends on the distance from the light and audience and dancer can play with that. Also if we use display to show the film, there might be too much elements that will not match with ‘forest’ concept.
Shadow on the wall, or on the objects in the space will be interesting to play.
The link above is a good example of playing shadow. When people could make the same shape shadow with the image projected, the image will change to another.

Also, here is an interesting work by Olafur Eliasson.

Click the picture and see larger images.

Here is the link to his website; 


One comment

  1. Kai

    I’d say this is a really fantastic example. An idea pop up in my head is that we can record different audiences’ shadow, and maybe play in different size and different speed due to some participant input 😀

    Or make it super fast just like material arts?


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