Space design sketch & Interactive part


Now I am trying to put all elements together in that gallery space.
I want to share the sketch that I developed from ideas we have.
Click to see larger images.

The key point is ‘interactive’ and ‘continuous’.
I want to make the whole space ‘interactive’ and looks one space (the elements intertwine each other ), and enjoyable space even when there is no performance.
The keywords of this space will be mystic, forest, wonderland.

The sketch might be hard to see (Sorry) but please have a look.

The first one is the overview from the entrance.
Audience will see the hangings from the ceiling and screens showing film.
Ideally the hangings should not be only certain area. We can make core area to have a lot more than the other area.
I am looking for how it can be done. Looking up for ready-made ceramic large buttons / wood pieces or cardboard pieces as alternatives.
The big circle comes from the idea of window in Japan and China. We use circle shape window to see garden. By putting circle frame at entrance, it is like peeping, and audience will expect there is something unusual world and get excited.  This also  could be used as decoration to make rhythm, but  just some.

Also I came up with the idea to use circle framed screen to show films instead of square ones. Those screen will look like moon and they will make mystic atmosphere and add chinese essence. Please see slideshow below for reference.

Sorry this sketch got  a bit messy, but this is the top view.
On the lower right side , there is a core area for the hangings.
Then screens will surround and also it will guide audience to stay into.
As the film has sequence and to be interactive, audience eye will follow one by one.
The left side space mainly used for performance and space for audience.
Kirsty’s image projection will be on the floor all over the space using 2 or 3 projectors. The light will go through the hangings and make dramatic shadow.
On the wall where is not covered by screens will be used a place to play with shadow.

Interactive part

Today I talked with Kai about the interactive part.
– Isadora kaleidoscope with live performance
Isadora is a software to enable live video editing with webcam. Based on the kaleidoscope idea, dancer’s movement will edited with kaleidoscope effect lively. (plese find  a image on the bottom in the sketch for top view..)
projected on one of the screens? or wall

– Kaleidoscope projection with Kirsty’s textile images
Using Kirsty’s textile image, add colors to gallery space. Images are projected by 2-3 projectors from different angles. The images will be switched by vibration sensor on the floor, which means audience or dancer can control and play with stepping on a specific area.
This system will be done in the left side of the gallery.

– ceiling hangings
Some sets of the hangings will use conductive thread to hang. Also they have acceleromotor sensor(can read which direction is the object moved). When the hangings are hit, the sensor read the direction. Depends on how much it moves,  it make different sounds. Then we can get natural sound by hitting hangings and artificial sound as accent.

live sound composing
Record the sounds made by audience or dancers with the hangings.
The length to record will be decided & when to record is controlled by the volume of its sound.
(ex. If the volume level is higher than ~~, record. Any smaller sounds will be ignored. eep repeating that recorded phrase until the next phrase(higher than ~~ volume) recorded.)
Lively repeat that sounds with a short delay.
Then audience will notice that they can play composing sound.
This aims to make 3 weeks exhibition more interactive, finally we may get interesting’ music.’
We have some tool kit to make those and Kai is thinking to how to materialize.

I will ask for help to technicians, try to make model and keep updating to you.
Please ask me  if you have question 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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